2008 - Scandinavia


In July 2008 we cycled through Scandinavia. We started in Finland at Helsinki. We cycled to Vaarna and there we crossed the Gulf of Bothnia to Umeå, Sweden. From there we cycled to Bergen, Norway. This was then the end of our three weeks cycling trip.

Route map

Friday, June 27, 2008


We arrived at Helsinki, Finland, in a big thunderstorm, but we're were happy to start our new cycling adventure. The first three days we have some rain,but after this it gets very warm. We're able to follow bicycle routes most of the time (for example bicycle route nr. 3). It's very nice to follow these routes, because the routes take us away from the busy roads and across some very nice country roads. Its a country with many hills and a lot of lakes; it's very nice to find a camping spot next to a beautiful lake. And after a nice day of cycling it's very refreshing to dive into the lake.
We cycled from Helsinki to Vaasa (± 510 km) straight through Finland (we didn't follow the coast line) allong lakes, through big forests without too many big climbs.

Through nice big forests...

...and across small hills.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


From Vaasa we crossed the Gulf of Bothnia by ferry after which we arrived in Umeå, Sweden. Here the clock goes one hour back, giving us one hour more cycling time. The first part through Sweden we cycle southwards along the coast. We first try to cycle on the E4 (from Stöcksjö to Sörmjöle), but this road is much too busy. So at Sörmjöle we follow the cycle route "cykelspåret", which follows the coast mostly. Though we still have to cycle small parts on the E4 because there is no other option (for example between Ornsköldsvik and Själevad. After this we turn towards the Norwegian border towards the Scandinavian Highlands. At Åsarne we have an 8% climb and at Klövsjö even a 10% climb. But we cycle through realy beautiful country. In the distance we even see snow om the mountain tops.
In Sweden roads are a lot busier and it's best to avoid the busy E-roads. The climbs are slowly getting bigger. We cycle a total of ± 654 km through Sweden.

Also so here some nice paths through big forests.

The climbs are slowly getting bigger.


Thursday, July 10, 2008


During our day trip from Funäsdalen to Røros we crossed the border into Norway. We cycle past Lake Savalen; very picturesque and beautiful. Just before Vågåmo we have a 16% downhill from a height of 622 meters. From Lom we follow the "Sognefjellet" route, which takes us across the highest pass (1434 meter) of northern Europe. This is not an easy climb and it's very windy and cold at the pass. There is still a lot of snow and ice there. between Vik and Voss we have another big climb till about 1000 meter; after the top we have a ± 45 km long downhill into Voss. After Voss we don't cycle directly towards Bergen, but take a detour through some very nice fjords (Granvin, Norheimsund, Mundheim, Fusa), so we follow the more quiet roads.
After ± 731 km cycling through Norway (across beautiful mountains and through very nice fjords) we reach Bergen Airport. We camped in a tent and cooked our own food every day of our cycling trip, but the last day we take a hotel room at Bergen Airport, because there is no camping real close to the airport. And we eat a big steak at the "Big Horn Steak House" in Bergen to celebrate the successful cycling trip.

We're in the Scandinavian Highlands now.

Lake Savalen.

Look out for sheep...

Highest point of Sognefjellet Pass (1434 m.).

Descent through snowy mountains.

One of a few ferry crossings.

Campsite at a beautiful fjord.

Bergen Airport...end of adventure.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


The next morning, on Sunday 20 July 2008, we leave Norway by plane and arrive at Amsterdam airport in the afternoon. During our cycling trip we had some bad weather at the start and of the trip and the last few days of the trip. But overal we have had some very nice and sunny weather. It has been a very nice cycling adventure, which was over much too soon!

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