2000 - Iceland


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Because we like Iceland last year so much, we decided to go back to Iceland this year. But this year we decided not to go around Iceland, but to cycle right through the heart of Iceland.

Route map

2000 cycling route map


Again we went first to Gullfoss, but because we already were there once, we now decided to approach the waterfall from the other side (where there are no other tourists).

Gullfoss (Golden Waterfall)

Crossing rivers

At the start of our route trough the center of Iceland we came accross the same rivers again, which we also saw last year. Crossing those rivers meant sometimes to take our luggage and bikes accross the river on our shoulders.

Fossa River

Iceland Desert

Very soon we were inside the Icelandic desert. Cycling through huge lava fields is quite a special experience. Most times we could cycle, but so now and then we had to cross some rough sand, where cycling was quite impossible. It is also nice that it is very quiet in the desert. Such quiet places are very hard to find where I live.

Iceland Desert

Askja vulcano

In the middle of the desert there is the famous and beautiful vulcano Askja. Here you can take a warm bath and enjoy a nice day. Here at Askja we met varous other cyclists (from German, Norway and France).


Continental plates

After a day rest at Askja, we went on cycling through the desert towards the east coast of Iceland.

Going Downhill

Iceland lies exactly on the ridge of where the continental plates cross eachother in the Atlantic Ocean. This is also visible in Iceland (see the next picture).

Continental Plates

Mountain Road (nr. 939)

Just before we reached the east coast, we had to cycle through some mountains. This route gave us some very beautiful pictures.

Mountain Road (nr. 939)

Coast road

When we reached the coast we went to cycle back to Reykjavik. Along this coast there are many beautiful gletchers (we told about them in our previous holiday).


Blue Lagoon

On our route to Reykjavik we had some trouble with the very strong wind. So we decided halfway to take a lift with the bus. After exploring Reykjavik we went on cycling towards the airport. But ofcourse we had to take a nice swim in the Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon


After 22 days we had to go back home again. Again leaving the really beautiful island.

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