1999 - Iceland


We started our vacation at Schiphol airport. Our bicycles were packed inside some special cycle-bags (Tatonka). After a three hour flight we arived in Keflavik. After putting our bikes together, we cycled to Grindavik (passed the Blue Lagoon). Here we camped.

Route map

1999 cycling route map


On our way to the geysirs, we camped on a nice camping in Selfoss. The next day we reached the geysirs, where we saw the geysir "Strokkur" which erupts about every 7 minutes. We camped next to the geysirs.

Road to Grindavik
Road to Grindavik

Strokkur Geysir
Strokkur Geysir

Gullfoss and Crossing rivers

The following day we visited Gullfoss (Golden Waterfall), which makes a drop of 32 meters (quite spectacular!).

Gullfoss (Golden Waterfall)

After this visit we went into the interior of Iceland, where we cycled two days. During these days we had to cross various rivers, which first needed to be scouted. After this the bike and luggage needed to be taken accros carefully.

Crossing Fossa River


At the end of these two days, Fred broke his derailleur and we needed to go find a bikeshop. Luckely we were near civilication at that moment. We got a lift from some people, who took us back to Reykjavik. Here we were able to find a bikeshop where we repaired the bike.

After a day of rest we took of again on roadnumber 1, to cycle around the island. First we traveled to Vik. Along the way we saw the waterfalls "Seljalandfoss" and "Skogafoss" and the gletcher "Solheimajokull".



After Vik, Fred got trouble with his bike again. The freewheel just rotated, but not the wheel itself. So we took the bus to Hofn. Where a local bike repairman repaired the bike. In Hofn we decide to go on a tour the next day. where we would go on the gletcher "Vatnajokull" with snowcats and make a small boattrip across the gletcher lagoon "Jokulsarlon". The snowcat-ride was really GREAT!

Snowcat Tour


Now hoping that we won't get any bikeproblems anymore, we continued our tour around the island. We saw the famous mountain "Modrudalur", cycled along the famous lake "Myvatn" and took some pictures of the waterfall "Godafoss" (Waterfall of the Gods).

Godafoss (Waterfall of the Gods)


In Akureyri we took the plane to the island "Grimsey", which is the northern most place of Iceland and the Arctic Circel crosses the island. A lot of puffins can be found on this Island.


Westman Islands

From Akureyri till Stadarskali we had a very strong wind against us. It was such a hard storm, that we had to take the bus to Reykjavik. Also just before Reykjavik there's a tunnel, where it isn't allowed to cycle through. After we arrived in Reykjavik, we cycled to Porlakshofn we we took the ferry to the Westman Islands. The Westman islands have one Island which is inhabited and which has some vulcanos, that are still warm from the last eruption.

Warm Vulcano

Blue Lagoon

We stayed one night at this island, after which we returned to the main land of Iceland. On our way back to Keflavik we took a dip in the famous Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon


In Keflavik we went on a whale watching tour, where we saw some whitebeaked dolphins and an humpback whale.


After 28 days we had to go back home again, leaving a really beautiful island. Some day we will certainly go back to Iceland again.

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