1997 - From Oegstgeest to North Cape


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We're already getting experienced in making our cycling tours. That's also why we are trying to go visit farther places. For this year we have decided to cycle all the way from home to the most northern point of Norway; the North Cape. On saturday 12 July 1997 we left our homes in Oegstgeest for the long trip.

Route map

1997 cycling route map

Oegstgeest - Berkum: 166.28 km.

We camped at the "Terra Nautic Camping".

Berkum - Nordloh: 176.77 km.

Beautiful but heavy trip. We camped at the "Nordloh Camping".

Nordloh - Krautsand-Drochtersen: 162.08 km.

Beautiful country roads. First hills encountered.

Krautsand - Sankelmark: 164.37 km.

The hills are higher, but very beautiful surroundings. We had to follow a detour of 20 a 25 km., because a bridge was open and could not cross it. The bridge is only operated on saturdays and sundays.

Sankelmark - Brestenbro: 166.14 km.

Big hills with big clims and descents. We also see a lot of other holiday cyclers.


Brestenbro - Aalborg: 158.44 km.

Again some big hills.

Aalborg - Kristiansand: 72.30 km.

We cross the Skagerak from Denmark to Norway.


Kristiansand - Haugsåsund: 131.78 km.

A really beautiful scenery; accross beautiful mountains and through beautiful forests.

Beautiful trip
Beautiful trip

Haugsåsund - Tinnoset: 144.77 km.

Beautiful downhill with some hairpin turns. But also some long climbs.

Beautiful view
Hairpin turns

Tinnoset - Dagali: 122.48 km.

We started the day with cycling through some tunnels. After this we had two long climbs till above 1000 m.! We're now in the middle of mountain country. The night we spend in a small cabin (65 kr.).

Our first tunnel
Little repair

Dagali - Hemsedal: 101.03 km.

A long climb at "Hol". Many beautiful views.

Beautiful view
Beautiful view

Hemsedal - Böflater: 49.38 km.

We use a walkway to cross a mountain pass.

Beautiful view
Beautiful view
Mountain pass
River crossing

Böflater - Randsverk: 117.11 km.

Very beautiful mountain pass (roadnumber 51) through the Valdres-Flya mountains.

Top of mountain pass
Mountain pass

Randsverk - Vikhamar: 62.67 km.

When we continue on our route like we do now, we see that we never will be able to reach the most northern point of Norway, so we decide to take the train in Otta to put us on the route again at Trondheim.

Vikhamar - Kvam: 141.83 km.

Because the differences in height on our route are not so big we can make some good distance today.

Kvam - Namsskogan (Nyheim): 139.44 km.

A lot of rain during this day.

Rainy day

Namsskogan - Mosjoen: 128.20 km.

Again a very rainy day.

Mosjoen - Straumen: 19.62 km.

Again we take the train; from Mosjoen to Fauske. This because we want to evade the rain and still make a lot of distance on our route.


Straumen - Narvik: 59.84 km.

Until we reach a tunnel we may not pass, we cycled in a good tempo. At the tunnel we receive help from a driver with a small van who takes us to Narvik.

Before tunnel

Narvik - Lapphaugen: 58.65 km.

We stop early, because I feel a little sick (probably because of cycling so much in the rain).

Lapphaugen - Nordkjosbotn: 127.44 km.

After a good night sleep, I feel much better and cycling is super again. We make a good cycling trip.

Beware wildlife

Nordkjosbotn - Storslett: 113.61 km.

Beautiful crossing with the ferry from Lyngseidet to Oldendalen through a fjord (shortens the main route 49 km.).

Storslett - Langfjordbotn: 98.07 km.

Cycling through beautiful fjords and through heavy clouds.

Enjoying the views

Langfjordbotn - Alta: 91.69 km.

We saw our first wild reindeer. Cycling through the beautiful Altafjord area.

Alta - Russenes: 110.73 km.

We spend the night in a cabin (200 kr.).

Russenes - Skarsvag: 121.23 km.

We started the day with a trip through the "Skarvberg Tunnelen". After this a ferry tour from Kafjord to Honningsväg. From here a heavy cycling trip to the North Cape (against heavy wind and through thick fog), where we received a discount because we were cyclists (2 x 100 kr.). On the North Cape I became a new member to the Royal NordCape Club. After some pictures at the North Cape we cycled back to the Skarsvag "Midnattsol Camping".

Skarvberg Tunnelen
North Cape
North Cape

Skarsvag - Russenes: 96.11 km.

Again we took the ferry, now from Honningsväg to Kafjord. At the camping in Russenes we meet to other Dutch holiday cyclers.

On the road back towards Alta

Russenes - Alta: 107.69 km.

Back at the camping at Alta. We have one day left before we fly back home from Alta.

Flying back home


At the end of this trip we've cycled a total of 3208.0 km. Norway has been a really beautiful country to cycle through. Perhaps we'll be able to return to Norway again some time in the future.

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