1992 - Around IJsselmeer


This is the first cycling holiday we made. This first time we only made a very small tour, just to see if making such cycling tours by bicycle would be something we would like to do. This was thus a kind of experiment to see if we would like it and perhaps also do other trips in the future. We decided to make a tour (departing on friday 3 July 1992) around the IJselmeer (the big lake within the center of Holland).

Route map

1992 cycling route map

Oegstgeest - Hierden: 126.88 km.

We had to cycle agains the wind. In the evening at the camping it's raining.

Hierden - Dalen: 102.58 km.

In Dalen we stay about 10 days to make cycle tours through the surroundings. When we continue on our tour around the IJselmeer, the total distance noted till now is 412.08 km.

Dalen - Offingawier (Sneek): 127.93 km.

Through some very nice surroundings.

Offingawier (Sneek) - Alkmaar: 123.36 km.

Accross the Afsluitdijk (the connection between Friesland and North Holland) with the wind against us. We visited my grandparents in Bergen, before pitching our tent on a camping in Alkmaar.


Alkmaar - Oegstgeest: 68.99 km.

The last part of the trip; back to home.


This was a nice and easy short first trip. Though it was a very nice experience for us; we have decided to make more and longer trips in the coming future.
For everyone who's also thinking about making cycling tours we advise them also to start first with a relative small trip like we did. In this way when somethings happens, (or in the unlikely event that you won't like it) it will be easy to stop the trip and return home. It's also a good way to practice certain things (like camping, etc.) and to see how far you'll be able to cycle every day. This site contains many stories and tips which also may help you. Please don't forget to read also all the trips we made after this first year.

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